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Julie's Funny Farm Library

This is my collection of files and pictures pertaining to and used by all of my websites.
All files are ready for download (in pdf form).
Just click on the file you want and once it opens select "Save" and save the file to
the folder you want it in on your computer.  


Goat Library

Bottle Feeding

4H Market Goat Reference Guide

4H Chart & Lists for Goat Health

Goat Medications

Medication Withdrawl Times

Vital Statistics of a Normal Goat

Alpaca Library

Alpaca Book References

Cambria County Fair Schedule 2008

Cambria County Fairground Map

Do It Yourself Chute Plans

Visit our Websites
Julie's Funny Farm (combining all my animal sites)
Lil' Goat Farm (my Goat specific site)
J & J Alpaca Farm (my Alpaca specific site)
Xander Mountain Mastiffs (my Mastiff specific site)

This library is new and still under construction.
Please be patient with us as we continue to add more documents.
We have plans of adding a table for English Mastiff/dog/puppy documents, Chicken documents, etc.
So bookmark us and check back often for updates !